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August 16, 2016

Facts on Using Smurfing Accounts It is a known fact that smurfing is the entering of a server by player using a different name so that they can monitor what is going on without being identified. One of the benefits of smurfing such as the ability of a player to play with friends without worrying about destroying their winning rate or matchmaking ranking. Another benefit of smurfing is that it also removes the element of sacrifice that comes between choosing playing with friends over ratings. It is surprisingly true that the other advantage is that it allows players to avoid queue times that may take forever at higher ELO’s. An interesting fact is that alternate accounts enable high ranking players to catch a quick match maybe before school or while they are having a break at work.
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Higher rankings come with a level of caution to maintain that level and avoid losing rankings. It is incredible to highlight that alternate accounts enable a player to let their hair down and play a game without worrying about the repercussions. It is undoubtedly true to conclude that ranking is fun and it is every player’s dream to reach a higher rank but upon reaching, the upper echelons playing a new game might lead to a loss in ranking points.
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It is absolutely important that smurfing can be a great way for a player to have a fresh start if they are stuck in a certain level. A new account has fewer limitations as opposed to an old account that might have many limitations thus it will enable a player to rank faster as opposed to using an existing account. It is absolutely important to note that in order to succeed at smurfing there are some guidelines to follow. Every player needs to remember not to smurf new players as this might discourage them from playing. This is because in most cases the player who plays with a smurf account is more experienced. It is important to note that the best thing an experienced player would do is give them some tips on what to do to win the champion. The other tip is to choose champions wisely. Most experienced players are used to playing at higher levels that offer certain advantages to their characters. These features are however not available at the basic levels thus they need to select their champions well. Another aspect that they need to remember is to relax and have fun because winning is not a guarantee and losing is never permanent. There is always a possibility that as a new player, they may run into other smurfs that are better than they are. It is absolutely important to avoid smurfing all together especially if you are in a high division. Smurfing is best for players that have had a bad start or at stuck at particular level and have lost all hope of getting out.